Family Chiropractic Care

Set up your ‘Stay healthy in every season’ trend for your family with our chiropractic care services. Chiropractic care for every age group.

Go Physiotherapy!

Keep your body from impairments, lack of mobility and various dysfunctions. Visit our physiotherapist and live a pain-free life.

Complete Care & Cure

“One can always recover if given proper care.” Absolute Health Centre is your Rehabilitation Centre, no matter if you come with sports or an auto accident injury.


How can Acupuncture Help you?
What is Chiropractor care?
How massage can help women in pregnancy?
What's the first step to take after a Motor Vehicle Accident?
I don’t have Insurance?
Role of a Physiotherapist?

Why Absolute Health Centre?

Care at Its Peak

Living healthy is good but keeping others healthy is what makes us a leading health centre. Treating every patient as a member of our family and taking care of their needs is part of our passion. We understand that it’s not just about care, but care with a personal touch.

Cordial Staff

Our staff members are so affable; not only they are good at their jobs but they also know why so many people choose Absolute Health Centre. It is because people find them helpful and friendly. Visit us and feel the difference.

We are Approachable

Our mall-based location helps us operate longer hours. We may not control every accident or injury, but we can always control the after-effects. We are open late evenings and weekends.

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  • Absolute Health Centre
    Sean Kumar
    Sean Kumar
    posted 1 month ago

    I just wanted to share my experience with Absolute Health Centre located in Wood Side Square Mall, they have really surpassed the level of customer service that anyone could expect from a medical centre, extremely friendly and caring, I live in Ajax and drive to this location because of their service and the skilled practitioners that work there, I had my orthotics made last year and went back to get them adjusted after 9 months and they greeted me with a big smile and took care of my request free of charge, I was surprised that they offer this type of service, they made me feel comfortable. I totally recommend this clinic to everyone, great work! Will see you soon.

    Zohaib Malik
    Zohaib Malik
    posted 5 months ago

    The absolute best choice for treatment! Started to get lower back pain and checked out the clinic and must say it was a great experience. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I started physiotherapy and got better after few visits. I recommend this clinic to everyone, you will not be disappointed! Thank you again for taking away my pain.

  • A systematic, professional, and wellness-oriented approach towards patient’s recovery make us an Absolute Health Centre. We are located in Scarborough and holding our services in Woodside Square Mall. Our location is the first thing that make us reachable to our patients.Chiropractic treatment is not new to anyone. Patients are getting treated with Chiropractic care. However, Chiropractic in today’s modern world is more organized. At Absolute Health Centre, our team is well qualified and trained for handling even critical situations.

    Since our inception, we observed that there is nothing better than seeing somebody recovering from his/her pain, seeing someone’s cry turning into a smile when they find relief from their pain. All we try is to keep the patient relaxed, so that he/she in not concentrating on their injury and let us work on the affected body part precisely.

    Not every injury is the same, and also the age group does matter. Keeping all these things in mind, our experienced chiropractor decides the right way to heal the patient.

    The good thing is now people understand the need for chiropractic treatment. We have some people who regularly visit us to relax their muscles through traditionally advanced techniques such as massage therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy. They share their experience that how relaxed they feel when they undergo these practices. It not only refreshes their mind but also makes their body active.

    Other than massage, acupuncture, and Chiropractic which includes Spinal Manipulative Therapy, Soft Tissue Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy our rehab centre provides Compression Hosiery, Custom Orthotics, Orthopedic Shoes, Braces, and other Supports.

    To put it simply, Absolute Health Centre is an all-in-one rehab centre where patients come to find relief from their pain and discomfort.